Identify needs of communities and the root of
the negative impact on environments.
Apply the relevant solutions to the relevant areas

working together


Get communities to work together,
not only with us, in implementing programs
and setting up projects

Involve the youth!

Clean Water

Minimizing carbon emissions and providing
health solutions. Managing industrial waste.
Protecting water sources

for energy

Our Problem

Climate Change

Widespread improvements in the quality of life of many of the world’s populations have gone hand-in-hand with increased demands on natural resources. The planet is struggling to keep up, with increases in the average global temperature and the frequency of extreme weather events transforming ecosystems around the world and threatening entire species of plants and animals.

Water Shortages

Water and climate change are inextricably linked. Climate change affects the world’s water in complex ways. From unpredictable rainfall patterns to shrinking ice sheets, rising sea levels, floods and droughts – most impacts of climate change come down to water.

Organic Controls

Organic matter management (OMM) refers to various agricultural practices to maintain and increase the organic matter status of soils with the aim of enhancing soil fertility, in particular by ameliorating the provision, storage and release of nutrients as well as by improving the soil structure, which in turn increases the infiltration and retention capacity of the water in the soil.


All the animals and plants in the world and all the features, forces, and processes that exist or happen independently of people, such as the weather, the sea, mountains, reproduction, and growth: As a young man he loved hiking and being close to nature.

Our Solution

Clean Water

Minimizing carbon emissions and providing health solutions. Managing industrial waste. Protecting water sources.

Consistent Tree Planting

Waging a war on deforestation by planting, protecting and maintaining forests and orchards.

Fruit Tree Planting

Educating communities on the nutritional, medicinal and environmental benefits of certain species of trees.


Ecological 82%
Recycling 87%
Organic 76%
Biology 93%


Our elders

Our elders


Similar Organisations –

We acknowledge that protecting our environment is a mammoth task that requires everyone to play their part so we always support and receive support from other like minded people and similar goal orientated organisations.

Rural District Councils –

Ensure that we are up do date with real-time statistics;
•Assist in the mobilization of manpower for tree planting and forest fire fighting
•Ensure that food distribution is carried out to the needy in a non discriminant manner
•Monitors tree planting from inception

Corporates –

Ensure that our organization is armed with latest technology to streamline our operations. Corporate Social Responsibility allows them to occasionally provide funds for our different programs. And also provide volunteers for such programs.

Grow a Tree Foundation
Tree Foundation
Better Brands Jewellery
First Flight Insurance
BLUE LAGOON Nursery and Landscapers
Climate Action Network Zimbabwe
Bambelela Arts Ensemble
Dollchin Medicals
Globe Gateway