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Constitution of The Go Green Africa Association



We, the people of Zimbabwe, claiming the birthright of every human being to have freedom and equality;
Having contributed equally to the development of the nation throughout its history;
Having contributed on the footprint left on this planet;
Decided to establish an independent association at law which is the focal point of taking into account what we do in our everyday lives and the footprint we intend to leave in an environmentally conscious way. To promote environmentally responsible lives that make choices to preserve the world for generations to come.

1. Name of Association
The name of the association shall be The Go Green Africa Association as established in terms of the Deed of Trust known as Go Green Africa Trust, hereinafter referred to as the Coalition.

2. Office and Location of the Coalition
The Coalition shall operate from a registered office of any of at any other place the trustees deems fit. The office shall house the secretariat of the Coalition and shall serve as its domicilium citandi.

3. Legal status of the Coalition
The Coalition shall operate as a Trust and it shall be governed by the applicable laws in Zimbabwe. In the event of inconsistencies between the Trust Deed and the Constitution, the former shall take precedence. The Coalition shall have power to sue and be sued in its name.

4. Non-Profit Making Organisation
The Trust shall operate for the benefit of beneficiaries as a non-profit making organization.

5. Membership, Fees, Forms and Sundry Matters
The Coalition may have members who will acquire the status of affiliates of the association.
5.1 Institutional membership
The institutional membership of the Coalition shall be open to all who want to be part of the change to make Africa environmentally friendly.
5.2 Semi-institutional membership
Membership shall be open to environmentally friendly departments/desks of the responsible environment Ministry that share the vision of the Coalition.

5.3 Individual membership
This shall be open to any individual who has attained the age of eighteen years and shares in the vision of the Coalition provided that the Individual is conscious of the environment.
5.4 Memberships fee
There shall be an Annual Membership Fee for all members payable upon joining the coalition which expires on the 31st of December each year regardless of the date of payment. The membership fee shall be determined at the AGM of the Trustees each year for the following year. Any member who fails to renew membership shall automatically cease to be a member and shall only renew membership on the payment of the prescribed fee.
5.5 Application for membership
5.5.1. Any Individual, Organisation or Institution that is eligible for membership and wishes to become a member shall apply in the appropriate form (Form 1) set out in the schedule to this Constitution.
5.5.2. All applications shall be submitted to the Secretariat for onward submission to the Board of trustees. The Board of Trustees will have discretion whether to accept an application or not acting upon the recommendations of the Secretariat. The decision of the Trustees shall be final.
5.6 Suspension or cessation of membership
A member who brings the Coalition into disrepute may be suspended from being a member by the Trust, should any conduct be grave then the Trustees shall revoke membership and expel the member and the secretariat shall delete the member from the membership register.
6. Forums and clusters
There shall be established forums and clusters to further the aims and objectives of the Coalition. The forums shall be spaces for interaction and the clusters shall be based on thematic interests. .
7. Provincial Chapters
There shall be established roles in the association, to further the aims of the coalition.

8. Goal and objectives
8.1 Goal
The goal of the Coalition shall be to achieve environmentally sound participants through the creation of a forum and space for the initiation of and participation in strategies and actions for collective lobbying and advocacy, information sharing, monitoring and evaluation of environmentally sound ways of living.

The objectives of the Coalition are:
a) To coordinate and provide a focal point for joint activism at macro level on topical and cross-cutting issues affecting the environment.
b) To identify issues affecting the environment and to ensure that steps are taken to curb.
c) To coordinate the participation of all members in the activities of the Coalition
d) To facilitate the sharing of information amongst its members and beneficiaries.
e) To form strategic alliance locally, regionally and internationally for the furtherance of its objectives.
f) To carry out field and desk research on issues affecting the environment in order to develop and build on theories with a view to enhance the Coalition’s efforts in protecting the environment.
g) To mobilize and manage resources for beneficiaries.
h) To monitor and evaluate programs of Coalition.

9. Principles
In pursuance of its objectives the Coalition recognizes and upholds the following principles:
a) Equality
b) Non discrimination
c) Apolitical/non-partisan. The Trustees are strictly prohibited from taking up political office and/or conducting political activities that may be detrimental to the coalition and/or influence the apolitical/non-partisan stance of the Coalition
d) Equitable distribution of responsibilities and resources
e) Promote education, training and professional development for beneficiaries.
f) Non-violence

10. Structure of the Coalition
The Coalition shall have the following organs:
a) The Trustees
b) The Secretariat

11. The Trustee
There shall be Trustees which are appointed in terms of the Trust Deed and exercise their duties as defined in the Trust Deed.
11.2. A Trustee may be removed from office in the event that he contravenes the terms as stipulated in the Trust Deed.

12. Role Chapters
There shall be role chapters set up accordingly.
12.1Membership to the chapters shall be open to individuals who are members of the coalition.
12.2The powers of the chapters shall be to mobilise resources, coordinate coalition led activities, networking and information dissemination.
12.3Each role chapter shall hold elections for Lead Chapter for each role one month before the Trustees AGM and the members so elected shall constitute themselves into the offices of Chairperson, Deputy Chairperson and other office bearers as they deem fit.
12.4The role chapter committee members shall hold office for two years and will be eligible for re-election for a further term in office.

13. The Secretariat
The members so elected as Lead Chapters shall constitute themselves into the offices of Chairperson, Deputy Chairperson and other office bearers as they deem fit and be known as the Secretariat.
There secretariats primary responsibility shall be the day to day management of coalition business and activities and the implementation of the coalition’s strategic plan. .
13.1The secretariat shall have the following functions:-
a. To ensure that the coalition has in place effective communication process with all its members and beneficiaries.
b. To ensure that the Trustees are kept informed of all developments that may have an impact on the coalition.
c. Manage and administer the funds for implementation of activities programs and projects.
d. Pay all expenses incurred in connection with the administration of the association through allocated trust funds.
e. Appoint agents in consultation with the Trustees for specific purposes and other persons for any specific purpose and to remunerate such persons at usual professional rates.
f. With the approval of the Trustees to the open and control bank, building society and investment accounts.
g. Invite prospective members to subscribe for coalition members.
h. Seek and receive donations and requests from any source whatsoever to the Coalition that are not inconsistent with the aims and objectives of the Coalition.
i. Do all such things and carry out such duties as are necessary or expedient for the Administration of the Association and promotion of the aims and objectives of the Coalition.

14. Meetings and Voting
Meetings of the Coalition and voting of any other office bearers shall be held in terms of the Trust Deed.
14.1 Validity of meetings
The accidental omission to give notice of an EGM or AGM or the non receipt of the notice by any member entitled to receive notice shall not invalidate the proceedings or any resolution passed at such meeting.
a. Voting at the AGM or EGM shall be by consensus but it members present are unable to do so, the matter shall be decided by a simple majority of those voting.
b. In the event of a vote, only full paid up members shall have the right to vote provided that members paying within one month of the meeting unless they are new shall not be entitled to vote.
c. Voting at the AGM or EGM shall be by consensus but it members present are unable to do so, the matter shall be decided by a simple majority of those voting.
d. In the event of a vote, only full paid up members shall have the right to vote provided that members paying within one month of the meeting unless they are new shall not be entitled to vote.
e. Each member present be entitle to a single vote which shall duly be exercised by its representatives.
f. A member may vote by proxy provided that a signed letter is written and signed by the nominating organization/individual showing the name and address, name of proxy and office held and the specific meeting which the appointment may be used.
g. The proxy letter must be delivered to the Secretariat at least 48 hours before the meeting by E-mail, hand or post.
h. Voting shall be by a show of hands for any resolution made shall pass by a simple majority. Minutes must show the number of persons for and against any proposed resolution.
i. In the event of an equity of votes the chairperson of the board of trustees has a casting vote in addition to any vote in addition to any vote that she may have in her capacity as a proxy.

15. Elections
The Trustees shall determine the rules and procedures for the election of its members or any other elections with the approval of the members in an AGM provided that such rules shall ensure that:
a. Free and Fair
b. Conducted through secret ballot.
c. Based on equality and non-discrimination
d. Free from undue influence
e. Free from violence and intimidation
15.1Independent Elections Committee
At least three (3) months before an AGM or EGM at which elections must be held, the Trustees must establish an Independent Elections Committee which shall have the following:-
a. To prepare for and conduct elections of the Board of Trustees.
b. To ensure that there is a current and accurate register of members eligible to vote.
c. To ensure generally the efficient, proper, free and fair conduct of elections.
15.2 Composition of the IEC and terms of office.
a. The IEC shall consist of at least three (3) persons appointed by the Trustees provided that at least one of the members shall be existing Trustee and the other person must be a lawyer registered to practice in Zimbabwe.
b. Members of the IEC shall be appointed based on experience integrity, competence and good standing in either the private or public sector.
c. Members of the IEC are appointed on a contract basis for purposes of the election only.
d. The Trustess shall set the remuneration for IEC members.
e. An IEC member must declare conflict or potential conflict of interest.
f. If an IEC member falls or neglects to reveal conflict or potential conflict of interest that affect the credibility of the elections, they may be held liable for costs incurred in conducting fresh elections.
16. Indemnity of Trustees and other office bearers
In administering the affairs of the Coalition, no Trustee, member or any office bearer shall be liable for any loss to the Coalition which may occur as a result of investment made in good faith or as a result of negligence or fund of any agent or other person employed by the Trust or occasioned by any mistake made in good faith by its members, or arising from any other cause except the willful or individual fault or dishonest of such member. No member shall be liable for any loss occasioned by the fraud, dishonest or wrongdoing of the other members or any other member unless she was party to such fraud, dishonest or wrongdoing.

17. Arbitration
Any dispute between a member or members of the coalition involving issues other than disciplinary misconduct and which cannot be amicable resolved shall be resolved by arbitration. The Arbitrator’s decision shall be final and not subject to review or appeal.

18. Suspension from Coalition
On receipt of serious allegations of misconduct by any member, the Trustees may suspend the member upon enquiry and due process.

19. Amendment
The decision to amend this constitution shall be made by a resolution to that effect passed by at least three-quarters majority of the members present and entitled to vote at an AGM or EGM convened specifically for that purpose, provided that not less than sixty (60) days notice shall be given in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution, setting out terms of the proposed resolutions and reasons thereof.

20. Dissolution
The decision to dissolve the Coalition shall be made by and executed only by the Trustees at the time of The Go Green Africa Trust.

Our Mission

Taking responsibility of the negative impact that we as humans have had on the earth as its custodians. combatting the negative impact of technological and industrial growth on the environment . Improving the livelihood of communities through environmental education, innovations and inspiration.


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Biology 0%


Save trees is a slogan used to motivate people to save trees and plant more trees in the surrounding areas by spreading the importance of trees among people as well as reduce deforestation and cut down of trees. Trees are as much important to our life as food and water.

Any environmental factor for which the organization determines that it needs to continue to provide support in a contingency situation, even if in a degraded state. This could include factors such as power, air conditioning, humidity control, fire protection, lighting, etc.

Disposal sites which are not a Hauled Sewage Disposal Site, a Sewage Works or a Waste Stabilization Pond; and Private Sewage Disposal System means a system which provides for the treatment or disposal of domestic sewage from four or fewer dwelling units or the equivalent of less than sixteen individuals on a continuing basis.

Industrialisation has the potential to help achieve a variety of social objectives such as employment, poverty eradication, gender
equality, labour standards, and greater access to education and healthcare.